Family frustrated after cruise insurance paid out less than what policy cost

In 2019, a family embarked on a much-anticipated cruise trip that was cut short by a serious health emergency requiring immediate evacuation. The family had purchased travel insurance for the trip from a well-known provider, with the expectation that this would cover any unexpected events.

While on board, the family member fell ill and required emergency medical attention. It was determined that the individual needed to be evacuated by helicopter, which incurred significant costs. The family assumed their travel insurance would cover the expenses, but upon returning home, they received a payout far less than the policy’s cost.

After numerous attempts to contact the insurance provider, the family learned the disappointing news that the insurer had only covered a portion of the expenses, leaving them with an enormous bill to pay. The family was understandably frustrated and felt that they had been misled by the insurance provider. They had purchased this type of policy on previous occasions and had never experienced such issues before.

The insurer responded by stating that the policy only covered a limited amount for emergency medical evacuations, which was far less than what the family had been charged. Despite making an appeal for the insurer to increase the amount of their payout, the family was met with resistance at every turn, leaving them with no choice but to pay the remaining bill out of their own pocket.

This unfortunate incident is not an isolated case. Many people mistakenly assume that travel insurance will cover them for all eventualities, only to discover that certain costs they incurred are not covered. To avoid such issues, travelers are always advised to read the policy’s small print before making any purchases, as this may help them understand the limitations of coverage.

In conclusion, it is crucial that travelers fully understand what their travel insurance covers before taking a trip to avoid any potential frustrations and costly surprises. Additionally, it is advisable to take the time to research different insurance providers to find the best policies that meet individual needs. While unforeseen events can never be entirely prevented, preparing for them can certainly reduce the impact of any unexpected outcomes.

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  1. I’ve only used travel insurance once in my life and that was when I was stuck in Houston because of a storm.

    My credit card travel insurance covered everything meals, hotel for the night.

    Chase Sapphire Reserve. Fantastic customer service very knowledgeable people.

    But always call and ask what’s covered.