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  1. That blue haired cryo vengeance girl looks like a really cool character. She should be a playable character in the game.

  2. If I’m correct by following the pattern of sumerus teaser in 2.8 we should see more of Fountaine in June 29

  3. I remember when Eula released, everyone spat on her because her family owned slaves hundreds of years ago.
    Now, it's 2023, everyone changed their mind, and wants her now? ahah.
    I have her and she is only level 50… I'm not a fan of her moves tbh

    All I really want is Kaeyas skin. Now he can match with Diluc as the only two males with skins hehe

  4. Thanks for hoyoverse development hard work the update will good vacation again for klee since she the daughter of the summer and her outfit looks cool like her mother I don't know when Alice will be released but as far as I know she will be great character also have major rule in the story of the traveler rgaldes when that will be and for hangout event kaeya I don't care I was hoping for other character but in the Thanks for the work hoping for more epic stories in future sense the story far from over